Meet the Artists

Dawn Hettrich

"The beauty of a detail. The curve of a line. How light plays off the materials in the natural world. These are my inspirations. As a textile designer and avid gardener, I use my interests in color, texture, and dimension to create solutions and accents for both indoor and outdoor spaces. After working with architects and interior designers throughout my career, Good Directions offered me the exciting opportunity to share my 'Classic Modern' designs."

Roger Gust

"A love for making art out of metal is in my blood: It was taught to me by my father. As a young man, Dad sent me out as a journeyman to master the blacksmith trade. After extensive training in a machine shop, aluminum foundry, and as a sculptor, I became an industrial designer. Then, I returned to Dad's metal shop to take over the family business. Today, I run my own shop, in Arkansas, where I smith nature-inspired designs from copper, iron, and stainless steel."

Michael Keropian

"The human figure inspires my cast-bronze sculptures. In each of my compositions, I combine the symbols and elements of nature to create a spiritual celebration of movement, shape, and form. When one of my finished designs strikes that perfect balance between representation and abstraction, and accentuates its environment. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. My desire to accentuate the environment along with architects, landscapers, and designers brought me to Good Directions."

Claire Garcia

"Magic realism describes my style. Using a variety of media and techniques from broad areas of colored wash to thin, sinuous inky lines, I combine recognizable elements together in unexpected ways. My artwork is inspired by the beauty of natural forms and the way in which their shapes echo one another. Mike and I met in art class where I teach, and he invited me to apply my skills to design fresh and innovative ways for customers to experience the natural world around them.

Al Ferris

"You might say that I'm inspired by the wind. After all, nothing brings me more joy than watching my hand-crafted weathervanes blow in the breeze. A self-taught artist, I began by building models as a boy. Today, I make and assemble copper parts to form classically styled weathervanes. Copper is a special metal to me, it's antibacterial, ecofriendly and clean, it patinas beautifully, and it even protects itself! The best part of working with Good Directions for me is when I hear customers say about my weathervanes, 'It's just what I always wanted!'"

Jason Long

"I like to create sculptures that are fun to look at and bring people together. I began welding when I was young, went on to start my own shop, and today, metal is still my 'thing'. My Good Directions FireDome™ was inspired by the time I spent in the Virgin Islands where, night after night, fire drew people together. These people, from many different nations, had no way to communicate, but to smile and share a "spark" of friendship. Mike Lodato saw a photo of this 'burning fireball' and brought me to Good Directions. While my style has changed over the years from modern to abstract to representational, just let me play with a piece of twisted scrap, and I'll make a piece of backyard art!"

Ed Waskiewicz

"Working as a coppersmith, I learned to design for durability. I like the idea of creating beautiful pieces of art to be displayed outside, and enjoyed for more than one lifetime! That's why I make nearly all my designs out of non-ferrous metals that can withstand repeated exposure to the natural elements. Essentially a self-taught artist, my work ranges from a traditional style to modern, almost abstract pieces."

Dick Malin

"Almost all beautiful things begin life as a drawing. Like most artists, I love to draw and create with pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor. I keep my life interesting with a wide variety of art, from cartoons and caricatures to technical drawings to sporting scenes to product design, layout, calligraphy and lettering, with special attention to color, shape, and form. I thank my comprehensive state university program for such a successful and satisfying career, that's included a stint as Art and Creative Director at an advertising agency, working for a multi-million dollar enterprise, and, now, for Good Directions."

Maru Panameño

"I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador to a family of metal artisans who taught me to transform pieces of metal into decorative, yet useful, works of art. From its simplest shapes to its most complex, the beauty of nature inspires my creations. I start by forming a prototype from modeling clay, as its versatility allows me to shape and reshape each piece as quickly as it evolves in my mind's eye. I love to combine traditional elements and abstract details into my own eclectic style. Working with Good Directions challenges me to create for different tastes while developing all-new designs."

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