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Rain Chains
One of our most popular products! A staple of Japanese homes for centuries, decorative rain chains gracefully guide rainwater from roof to the ground, eliminating the need for unattractive gutter downspouts. On stormy days, rainwater playfully dances and flows down handcrafted copper channels; on dry ones, they add a sculptural note of simple elegance.

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Double Link Rain Chain Fish Rain Chain Umbrella Rain Chain
8' Bamboo Link Rain Chain 6' Flowers Rain Chain
Crocus Rain Chain Pineapple Rain Chain
Tulip Rain Chain (18 cups) Watering Can with  Flowers Rain Chain
Watering Can Leader Wine Bottle & Grapes Rain Chain Wine Bottle & Grapes Rain Chain
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Rain Chain Basin
Our Price $90.00
Rain Chain Gutter Clip
Our Price $30.00
8' Pails Rain Chain 6 cups